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Fantasy Football DOs & DONTS - @OverCurved

I know I know I’m a lil late but We only in week 2 so Shut up and listen,

A world us “sport heads” gather each season to compete for bragging rights and sometimes a lil money while we at it why not? Fantasy Football is lit and it’s a better gamble cause most of the time you have control and can make better predictions.  I’ve won many leagues and found success since I started playing fantasy some years back. Me personally if someone knows there shit alot of money can be made in Fantasy each year (hmu if you trying to brainstorm ideas on making this a business I got some ideas i want to put into action myself) Nonetheless, Here are some dos and donts for FF:


Best Fantasy Sports sites:

I refuse to endorse any site if I am not getting a check or other opportunities #Staywoke But most fantasy sites are good you cant really go wrong with any. 



Have a draft plan: Have in mind who you want and prioritize you chances of getting top players and what players you need to win you league. A cheat sheat from any fantasy website would help

Pay your league feeDon’t get got tho! If you’re putting money in your league you should obviously trust the commissioner

Pay attention to news: This will be the reason you have a successful season. I recommend staying on top of injuries and other factors of performance such as opposing defense.

Now your leagues rules: Leagues can be standard custom or taboo lol know what you’re getting into and how the point system works so you don’t end up with two kickers thinking you bout to tear the league up.

Trade reasonablyDanny Woodhead is nice but he aint no Kelvin Benjamin don’t accept or propose dead end trades that wastes time on both sides. Bring reasonable offers to the table

Talk a lil sht (but not too much): Fantasy is competitive and talking sht is funny and fun like twitter



Draft a QB in the first round: Your league has 12 teams at most and there 32 starting QBs in the league you do the math

Become inactive: An inactive owner makes the league less competitive. Plus that inactive player could be holding onto a good player that you might want to trade for to help you win your league.

Never give up: Use you football knowledge to restructure your team if you hanging by the ropes you can still make a comeback and finish in a respectable place.

Start a league late: A good league commish knows to start his league well in advance so he can recruit and get quality competition within the league

“If you playing for free it’s not that deep”: Don’t stress too much unless you are playing for a lot of money you put into the winnings


If you think I missed anything leave a comment or whatever. This is not a complete list and guide to FF but it’s a good start to help you win your league and some money. In short, Good Luck with your team this season. And don’t hesitate to hit me up about fantasy advice if you need some. I might do a week to week update from time to time I don’t know. But these should help you get on to a good start in your league. Take Care

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